Floral Thursday: Fortuitous Fuchsia


Fortuitous fuchsia,
Whimsical wings;
Stamens sing;
A wish in the wind:
Lingering twinkling,
Fairy dust glittering,
Delicate bells tinkling.

11 thoughts on “Floral Thursday: Fortuitous Fuchsia

  1. A beautiful poem for a beautiful flower. I’ve never seen a fuchsia, except through photographs. This one is soooo beautiful!!!!

  2. This is one flower I love, but this year we didnt have any in our garden and the ones from last year didnt survive the severe frost last winter
    Enjoy your weekend to come 🙂

    • Thank you Sue. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing my fuchsia photo. It’s such a shame that the frost got yours. I’ve noticed that there are so many different colours available now. I hope you are okay Sue and hope you have a good weekend too xxx

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