Weekly Photo Challenge: habit- habitual walk


A habitual walk,
Time to think or talk;
Every day,
Sunny or grey;
Pull on boots,
Choose a route.
Lake or lane,
Disused railway line,
Hill or vale.
Serendipitous shot!
Notebook scribbling,
Sibling collies’ wriggling
Husband giggling.
Always fun,
Time for a bun.
Where’s the sun?

Weekly photo challenge: habit

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: habit- habitual walk

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  2. Wow. My heart rested just looking at those photos. I see so much concrete where I live. There’s something healing about such a pastoral setting, especially with dogs!

    • Thank you. Yes the countryside and dogs are very healing. I love cities too but I love being two minutes away from fields,the river and the heath. I can be in London within half an hour. A balance is what we all need! I’m glad you loved the photos.

  3. Perfect … Tea for me with the bun, Husband would prefer a pint of real ale without the bun of course!! Herfordshire I see, my Husband is from Rickmansworth! šŸ˜‰ We are now in Reading!

    • Welcome! My husband lived in Rickmansworth for a few years. We’re living in Colney Heath, near St.Albans. I find that the cup I choose, is as important as the tea. Then I select a book to snuggle up with on the sofa with the dogs of course and husband šŸ™‚

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