NaNoWriMo: Writer’s rooms


I’m still trying to plan my novel and select a title, which is proving to be deflating.  So by going back to my roots as a poet and photographer, hopefully, I’ve created my writer’s room which will inspire me and others to turn those emerging thoughts into a book. Or maybe I should stick to poetry!  I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Little river rooms,
Where writer’s ideas
Thoughts stray
Throughout the day.
Scribbled ripples,
Wandering riddles,
Flirtatious leaves,
Sensational reflections,
Reeds and deeds.
National blog posting month
National Novel Writing Month

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Writer’s rooms

  1. I liked this….
    Aha! Exactly what happened to me last Nanowri. I fled back to poetry within days 😛 And ya know…that’s the point, right? Some of us will write novels and some of us will write poetry collections.

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