Sinister sloes


Sinister sloes
Slyly winking,
Night-sky berries,
Halloween merry!
Picked and pricked,
Steeped in liquor.
Fireside ‘wee dram’,
Shadows flicker,
Country tales,
Embers bicker;
Slumber beckons.

4 thoughts on “Sinister sloes

    • I know, it’s strange but so many people have mentioned Halloween today, it must be the full moon, there’s definitely a mysterious, spooky feeling out there in the shadows.

    • Thank you. Sloes are the fruit from the black thorn bush or tree. They are bitter to taste but can be steeped in gin or vodka to make a lovely fruity drink. I’m not sure but they can possibly used to make a jelly. This year because of the wet winter and spring followed by a warm summer the sloes are abundant everywhere!

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