Rowdy Rowan


Rowdy Rowan,
Romping rich,
Lip red bunches;
Tempting pickings,
Brazenly dangling,
Robins’ deliriously
Autumnal luncheon.

Rowan berries are loved by birds, particularly robins, however they are toxic to humans and dogs I believe when eaten raw. However, when cooked they are delicious in a jelly.

6 thoughts on “Rowdy Rowan

  1. Oh! I’ve always wondered what those red berries are called! We see them often when we go hiking. Lovely poem!

  2. Our neighbour has a Rowan Tree and the Berries this year are so abundant, The signs of a harsh winter maybe… beautiful photo, And you are so right.. Yes the berries are toxic to eat,,, But ok when cooked,,….

    • Thanks Sue. Yes, I’ve heard that the redness of the berries denotes a harsh winter. I don’t mind beautiful hard frosts but I’ll fret about how the wildlife are coping if it’s too cold. I’ve heard that in folklore, having a Rowan tree in your garden can offer you protection from bad things happening, it’s so fascinating! Have you made Rowan berry jelly? Xxx:)

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