Spirit of summer


Surrounded by summer blooms,
A perfectly secreted
Scented summer seat
Inspires a stolen siesta.
Sleepy eyelids bathe in
Warm lapis and
Inducing imaginative
Doves dozing,
Herons plunging,
Bubbly babble.
Wafting petals,
Summer snow;
The ministry of bees
Indulging in
Pollen heaven.
An enchanting
Party of
A  tipsyTarantella.
Sunshine shimmers
A fizzy glimmer of
Fairy dust
As devas’
Dive in
And out
Of Delphiniums’
Drunken trumpets.

14 thoughts on “Spirit of summer

  1. So enjoyed your Spirit of Summer, and your party of Butterflies within your picture of a walled garden, Beautiful words that tripped merrily around the flowers as your butterflies danced… Enchanting feast of colour both capturing the imagination and the senses,..
    Delightful Lavender-Girl 🙂
    Hugs Sue xox

  2. Oh, this was a delight, start to finish. I’m so happy you had time to post your garden tribute. My favorite part: Delphiniums’/ Drunken trumpets. Delicious alliteration and image!! I also really liked your: fizzy glimmer of/ Fairy dust. Sigh of pleasure. 🙂 Great photo, too, is that your napping bench there behind the flowers?

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