Striking Water Lily


Striking water lily,
Restful reflections
Float by;
A scented breeze
Sneaks a signature,
Rippling stillness.

6 thoughts on “Striking Water Lily

  1. I enjoyed this, I often read updates via my phone when I am working and wondered what your image would be like, as my little phone only shows the words not always the images unless I click to comment, but often it then freezes up in my attempts, LOL.. So got a double delight here thank you xox

    • Hi Sue. Thanks for enduring tiny type and photo on your phone, I know what that’s like, I usually get a bad headache! I’m glad you liked it. I hope you’re having a great weekend. Xx

  2. Your picture looks like fine art that could be hung in a formal dining room or at home in a lovely cottage. I love water lily pictures!

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