Weekly photo challenge: Carefree


Free time on a sunny day
Washing your cares away;
Sharing stories with strangers,
Watching children play;
Salt & vinegar
Seaside charm;
Vibrant bickering bunting,
Screeching seagulls hunting;
Ice-cream tingling lips;
Queues for seal trips;
Kids squeak and squeal
As crabs writhe
And crawl: proudly
Presented in seaside buckets.
Hooray for the largest!

weekly photo challenge

13 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Carefree

  1. With a sea breeze coming in the window as I read your poem and view your picture, I feel like I’m at the beach right now. I love the way you described the seagulls – so true!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. Looks like you have been having some Sea-side Fun, nothing like the sea air and salt and vinegar on those chips! šŸ™‚ loved it and the photo Lavender Girl xxxx

  3. So true!!! And I love the border collies (I think they’re border collies), who look so happy to be in the photo. Salt and vinegar–soooooo apt for the seaside.

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