Weekly photo challenge: One shot, two ways


So for  this challenge I chose a different subject matter, close to my husband’s heart as he comes from a long line of fishing people, with a passion and a great respect for the sea. The shot was taken in a tiny fishing village, far West on the Dumfries and Galloway coast. I was taken by the realism and atmosphere of this fine statue.
The fisherman is looking out to sea, deep in thought; I feel the change of angle of the shot has increased the tension in the photgraph. What do you think?

A fisherman’s thoughts

On a bleak Scottish day,
A chill crosses the lone
Fisherman’s gaze;
Mesmerized by spitting
Light on the blinking
He thinks back to
Days when nets
Swelled with writhing
A salty supper
For bairns
Rumbling tums,
Nursed on mothers’
swollen Laps.
As daylight fades,
He fears fisher folk
Amongst the heaving
Flotsam  beaten,
Driftwood tangled
With a sea filled welly
Spilling out against
Granite boulders.

weekly photo challenge: one shot, two ways


12 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: One shot, two ways

  1. For me, the second shot seems to better encapsulate the celebration and anxiety inherent in your poem. Something about the viewing angle makes me feel like I am eavesdropping on the fisherman’s thoughts.

  2. A beautiful, evocative poem. The first photo looks more wistful–someone gazing out to sea. The second photo caused me to look at the fisherman’s hands more. I could see the tension and stress in his stance.

  3. The change of angle definitely makes a difference here. I also like the poem. Annie

  4. Nice poem to go along with the old fisherman. I liked the first photo better, myself, because it seems to present more of a barrier for the man between him and his old love with the angle of the railing. I also like the blue better than than a spit of green in the other. I enjoy all your photos though!

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