Weaving wisely


Weaving wisely
Leafy shade;
Pastel petals
Seductively surround
Sugar sweet
Lemon stamens,
Like a watery sun
In a marshmallow
Cloudy sky.

12 thoughts on “Weaving wisely

    • Thank you. Good luck with stepping up the imagery in fiction. Now I have ideas for fiction but find it so hard to put them together like you do, I seem to get lost along the way!

    • Thanks Sue. I remember having rose hip syrup as a girl. It was a lovely weekend thank you, but I had to abandon the courgette cake as it was far too soggy! I’ll have a go at adapting the recipe and let you know how it comes out. How was your weekend?Namaste

      • Good, I had a visit from my Son, and family so enjoyed my Granddaughter for a few hours.. Then yesterday we went to the coast, It was lovely, blew the cobwebs away, the sea always replenishes my spirit… 🙂
        I was inspired to put the ‘Sat Nav’ in the car, even though we have done the trip many times, a major road we use was closed, so we did a very interesting detour we added to the experience on our homeward journey.. :-D…

        Sorry to hear about the Courgette cake.. we win some and lose some, I remember one of my carrot cakes icing topping didnt go according to plan, and I had to scrap it all off to start a fresh, LOL…
        Wishing you a great evening and Week 🙂

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