Spirit of summer


Surrounded by summer blooms,
A perfectly secreted
Scented summer seat
Inspires a stolen siesta.
Sleepy eyelids bathe in
Warm lapis and
Inducing imaginative
Doves dozing,
Herons plunging,
Bubbly babble.
Wafting petals,
Summer snow;
The ministry of bees
Indulging in
Pollen heaven.
An enchanting
Party of
A  tipsyTarantella.
Sunshine shimmers
A fizzy glimmer of
Fairy dust
As devas’
Dive in
And out
Of Delphiniums’
Drunken trumpets.


Striking Water Lily


Striking water lily,
Restful reflections
Float by;
A scented breeze
Sneaks a signature,
Rippling stillness.

Rare Beauty


Rare beauty,
Radiantly proud;
Her swollen
Serenely shining,
Gently smiling;
Streaming through
Bedroom windows,
Night gazers
Stare, euphoric,
Drenched in
Lunar energy.
An innocent
On the angel’s face,
Reflects elation
On the maternal moon.
Rocketing high,
The angel reaches
Touching incandescent
Sparkling light.

My artwork, ‘Reiki angel’ was inspired by a reiki meditation, where I saw her standing in front of me, reaching for the moon. After a few nights of meditating by the light of the blue moon and just gazing, I felt I had to write a poem. I hope you enjoy it.

About the Blue Moon
An astrological Blue Moon is rare; it happens when the moon is full twice in a solar month, giving us two full moons in the same zodiac sign.  The second of those is the Blue Moon.  The next Blue moon will be in June 2016.
Sarah Varcus says ‘ This moon seeks to empower us to make positive changes in our lives’

This post is dedicated to Sue dreamwalker for her loving, kind, healing energy. Thank you Sue for helping me to feel better.Sue’s wonderful, inspirational blog

Sarah Varcus

Weekly photo challenge: Carefree


Free time on a sunny day
Washing your cares away;
Sharing stories with strangers,
Watching children play;
Salt & vinegar
Seaside charm;
Vibrant bickering bunting,
Screeching seagulls hunting;
Ice-cream tingling lips;
Queues for seal trips;
Kids squeak and squeal
As crabs writhe
And crawl: proudly
Presented in seaside buckets.
Hooray for the largest!

weekly photo challenge

Writing challenge: Health

For this challenge we were asked to consider the importance of our health.
My health has its ups and downs and I find writing helps me to focus, feel grounded and connected. I love it!
The photo was taken on our wedding day last year, we had a lovely day with dear relatives and friends. My uncle was at the time and is still in extremely poor health and yet he travelled several hundred miles to be part of our celebration.
Here’s my contribution:


H is for HEALING the mind and spirit, helps to keep a healthy body.
E is for ENERGIZE yourself by practising yoga, tai chi or walking.
A is for ATTITUDE be positive as negative thoughts can lead to illness or slow down recovery.
L is for LEARNING about how to live a healthy, natural life.
T is for TIME should be respected; take time out to enjoy nature, meet with friends or to relax.
H is for HAPPINESS is the key to a healthy life. Find happiness in the simple joys in life.

weekly writing challenge: health.  Here are the others.

Weekly photo challenge: One shot, two ways


So for  this challenge I chose a different subject matter, close to my husband’s heart as he comes from a long line of fishing people, with a passion and a great respect for the sea. The shot was taken in a tiny fishing village, far West on the Dumfries and Galloway coast. I was taken by the realism and atmosphere of this fine statue.
The fisherman is looking out to sea, deep in thought; I feel the change of angle of the shot has increased the tension in the photgraph. What do you think?

A fisherman’s thoughts

On a bleak Scottish day,
A chill crosses the lone
Fisherman’s gaze;
Mesmerized by spitting
Light on the blinking
He thinks back to
Days when nets
Swelled with writhing
A salty supper
For bairns
Rumbling tums,
Nursed on mothers’
swollen Laps.
As daylight fades,
He fears fisher folk
Amongst the heaving
Flotsam  beaten,
Driftwood tangled
With a sea filled welly
Spilling out against
Granite boulders.

weekly photo challenge: one shot, two ways

Blackberry burst


This photo was taken during a walk along the Grand Union canal at Winkwell, a wonderful name for a village!  I loved the rich, ripe colours of the berries in this sunny spot.

Blackberries burst
From every hedgerow,
Thrusting juicy jewels,
Ripening purple pearls.
Stolen stains on
Satiated lips.

Floral Thursday: Summer sensation


Every now and again, I think I’ll have a floral Thursday, just for a change.
Yesterday when I was out walking, I felt the change in the air and a slight sadness that in a few weeks the colours will begin to fade, the floral aromas will lessen and eventually we will say goodbye to the butterflies and the bees until next year; so, I decided to celebrate summer with this montage of some of the colourful photos that I have enjoyed taking.
I hope you enjoy them too, with a cup of tea, Pims, lemonade or glass of wine.

Friendly nature


Friends meet
On a sun warmed
In a tranquil haven,
Designed by a
Kind, passionate eye.

Soothing woody notes
And heavenly essences,
Bring back memories:
Tales wind their way
Through shady glades,
Laughter lightens
The day.
As shadows deepen,
Flowers curl up
And bow their sleepy
As the peachy glowing
Ball of light grows,
Vines creak
And silence

Weekly photo challenge: foreshadow-engine enigma


My interpretation of ‘foreshadow’. There is a hint of the outcome, however there are many other possibilities: let your imagination fire the engine.

Throbbing heart;
Breathing steam mantras;
Coke stoking,
Shovelling, scraping, poking;
Sweaty soot.
Fire whispers;
Flames entrance,
Drivers cogitate,
Watch. Wait.

Daily post weekly photo challenge – foreshadow