Humble Bee


Humble bee,
Of insect
Nerve agent:
A statement
To persecutors
Whose purses
At our bees

Secure in a
Secret haven,
This furry friend
Works wisely,
It’s prize,

References: Gouson Dave, A sting in the tail

8 thoughts on “Humble Bee

  1. I used to keep honey bees until 2 years ago, but now it’s just an empty hive in the garden. They all died at once, so I think it must have been pesticide poisoning 😦

  2. Beautiful………. I was worried last year, being so wet, we had not seen as many bees in the garden and with the decline of our precious Bees I always try to plant Bee attracting plants..
    So imagine my delight when this year we had not one but two Bees nest.. One in our allotment under our shed.. and the other in our home garden in the rockery.. I was worried when we had all that rain thinking they may flood, but they survived… and thrive.. They are common Bumble Bees and they are no trouble at all.. they just buzz in and out and go about their work…

    Lovely poem and photo Lavendergirl 🙂

    • Thank you Sue. It’s lovely to hear about the bees doing their work in your lovely bee friendly garden. I was worried when it was so wet, but lately, particularly on the heath here, there are quite a few bees, different species, enjoying the red clover and the wild meadow flowers. It is a special environment. Xxxx

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