Moving home


Hi everybody.  Just to let you know that we’re moving house next week, so as you can imagine I’m surrounded by boxes!  I’m excited as I’m moving closer to friends and family and have a new area of the countryside to discover walking with my dogs, however it’s unsettling and could affect my creativity, so my posts may be sporadic for a couple of weeks, but please keep looking, I really appreciate your fantastic support.
I found this interesting, psychedelic van when we were on holiday recently in Winterton on sea, Norfolk.  The artist is gradually restoring it and covering it with his amazing art.

Thank you all for popping to see my blog. Your comments are always appreciated. Namaste xxxx


14 thoughts on “Moving home

  1. Good luck and safe travels! Moving is always so emotionally demanding and draining. I really look forward to your new countryside finds and seeing pictures of your pups!

  2. Good luck with the move, looking forward to reading your posts again when the creativity comes back 🙂 I would love to own that van! 😀 x

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