Village of Little Terns


Amid the dunes
Little Terns cry,
Sweep and dive,
Majestic aerial acrobatics.
A sleek vision in white
With dashes of charcoal;
They flurry about with pride.
House proud,
Cleaning and preening,
Warding off slithering Adders
And swooping Black Gulls
Their breeding village is protected
With fences which
Zap you,
‘Woe betide’
The curious rambler.

4 thoughts on “Village of Little Terns

  1. Lovely….I have been fortunate enough to see an Adder only once curled up just waking in the spring sunshine a couple of years ago.. I was surprised at how big he was.. 😉

    • I think people are scared of them. I’m not sure if their venum would harm the dogs, so I tend to stick to the beach in summer. It’s lovely that our wildlife is protected. X

    • Thank you.
      The little hut in the picture is a hide and there’s an area all along the beach and dunes, which is protected by the electric fence, so that the Little Terns can breed in peace. In the autumn, breeding seals are protected here, it is a very special place. I love it, it’s so peaceful.

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