Sanguine Passion flower


Passion flower,
Like a shimmering
Shooting star
In a dazzling galaxy,
Seeds in a secret
As the earth
Launches tendrils,
A fire lights within,
Purple petals
Unfold like
An infants hand,
Innocently attractive,
Sanguine and serene.

8 thoughts on “Sanguine Passion flower

  1. Amazing poem.. What a Passion you have too for flowers.. You ‘See’ deep within their hearts as you share their secrets with us…

    I once tried unsuccessfully to grow a Passionflower it didn’t survive one harsh winter we had..
    Loved this poem 🙂
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx

    • Wow! Your comment blows me away. I really do have a passion for flowers and can really feel their souls. I have a feeling that Passion flowers are very sensitive to cold weather, that’s a shame.

  2. We have a tradition in my grad school where each class gives itself a name. My class’s name is the Secret Gardeners, so I have to share this post with them. They’ll be pleased.

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