Weekly photo challenge: Provocative, swaggering curves


Giggling geraniums,
Oozing a heady bouquet,
Tumbling in tiers.
An extravaganza in pink!
They transcend into
A pageant of players
From a vintage musical,
Dancing to Dixieland,
Stunning the audience
With luxuriant fuchsia smiles,
Proudly, provocative,
Swaggering their curves.

I am interested in how nature triggers the imagination by synergistically tempting the senses, thus releasing creative energy to produce photographs which evoke inspirational poetry. This photo was taken in a nineteenth century orangery. Initially I was drawn to the voluptuous curves of the flowers, cascading in an amazing display and their intense aroma, which captivated me to take the photo and then create the poem. I hope you enjoy my post.

8 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Provocative, swaggering curves

  1. Lovely! I can practically smell them! You expressed the exhuberant abundance of the flower beautiflly.
    Luxuriant fuschia smiles… Great imagery.

  2. Wow. It’s nice to hear about your process. You’ll have to come on my blog at some point and talk about your process.

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