Nature’s picnic


Ladies lace
Languishly spinning,
Dainty cotton patterns,
Crafted by
Nimble, fragile fingers.
They’re stitching a story
About chivalrous
Wearing woven cloaks;
An eager entourage,
Pursuing the path
To rescue
Swooning sisters
From sun-drenched fields.
Gaily gathered, relaxing,
Picnic baskets laden,
Blankets strewn with
Well worn,
Beautifully bound,
Copies of
Austen and Bronte,
Finely fluted finger
And Wild, ripe
As Midsummer eve
Draws in
The picnic party,
Pepper their petticotes,
And comb their hair.
Entangled with
Charming gentlemen,
They leave the
Ladies lace
To nature’s picnic,
Bunnies, blue-tits
And accumulating

9 thoughts on “Nature’s picnic

  1. I watched EMMA (with Kate Beckinsale) the other day, so the “Wild, ripe Strawberries” image is all the more vivid.

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