Snow shelter


Cosy, musty, Home to many. A place to rest in dusty, webbed crevices; between bags of spuds and rusty trugs; like ‘bugs in rugs’ under patchwork eiderdown ‘Daily News’.

Wet Snow Falls


Trails of hoof prints melt, Dissolving memories. Wet snow falls, Admidst beautiful Whitewashed patchwork meadows



Enchanted wood groans and moans, Whispers & weeps. Tormented, alone, lost Her voice echoing ‘lost, lost’ Crushing, trampling Damp resinous forest carpet, Dizzy, blinded by the diffusion Straining her thin neck Gnarled, twisted , contorted Regal branches of ancient cedar A dryad allures her to climb the boughs And knots. She remembers past lives: pharaohs, princes, fairy tale castles, Bloody battles, beautiful icecap mountains and sailing in an electric storm. She reaches the warm, tree house on top of the canopy Where there is nothing but peace.


Snowdrops are like angels’ tears of joy
Appearing when our hearts are forlorn
Brooding over dense, gloomy skies.

Abundantly they sway their demure heads in
Sweet, gentle springĀ  breezes,
Chattering together on the banks of village lanes.

Spring brings hope and happiness to all of us.

Red Remnant of Autumn


Crumpled withered memory
Frosted crackled tones.

Scented breeze envelops
Her veins.

She falls falls

Sunlight soothes, energises
Stretch twigs, branches
Yawn breathe ‘spring’.

Treacle soft bud
Bursts like a sticky crysalis
Releasing its young.



Gliding graceful gift Whispering willows wane Pure preened plumes spiral spin sweep Gigantic gusts Ascending soaring recitative